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Deepak Chopra – Ritam Bhara Pragya

I am excited to be participating in this Blog. As I travel around the world I would love to share my experiences both internal and external with all of you. Please feel free to respond. Some of you may know … Continue reading

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How to Invoke a Magickal Money Magnet – Shamanic Ritual

My Indian Grandfather’s Money Magnet Ritual When I lived on an Indian reservation in Alberta I was befriended by an Indian man in his 80’s or 90’s. He was the oldest and most wisest man in the tribe so everyone … Continue reading

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Equation for Manifestation

Three Steps: 1) Focus on your desired outcome with a clear thought. Be very specific. 2) As you hold the thought, you will be able to get in touch with the feelings of what it would be like to experience … Continue reading

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The Law of Attraction – How to Attract MONEY – A simple yet powerful technique

The Doubling Meditation After years of research on methods to attract wealth to myself and loved ones; after climbing high mountains to speak with gurus; and after playing many rock and roll records backwards; I have developed an interesting new … Continue reading

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Practical Law of Attraction Techniques – The Shock Technique

Where Am I? Another good Law of Attraction exercise can be referred to as THE SHOCK TECHNIQUE. First do whatever it is you normally do to get relaxed and meditative. (You could try the method described in my hub on … Continue reading

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A Step By Step Law of Attraction System to Win the Lottery – My Complete Secret “Theta” Method Revealed

An Interview with Peter Keddie – The Man Who Always Wins! Today we have the pleasure of interviewing a man who continues to upset national and international lottery corporations with his seemingly natural ability to consistently win the jackpot in … Continue reading

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Are You a Reflector or an Affector of Your Life’s Circumstances?

On Affecting Reflections Very few people in our world are fully aware of a creative power that exists within themselves. This is unfortunate because this creative power actually determines the nature of the physical reality we perceive as we go … Continue reading

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