101 Negative Money Beliefs

Do you face extreme difficulty in manifesting material wealth? Well, can it be that you have negative money beliefs lying at the back of your subconscious mind?

Negative money beliefs are not mere fleeting thoughts. They run a hidden program much like a software, sabotaging your best intents. They are the small “voices” in your head that actually override what you like to believe but don’t.

What goes on in your subconscious wields much power, perhaps even more so than your conscious mind. If you don’t already know this, it has been estimated that the average man uses not more than 10 percent of his mental power. The remaining 90 percent of mental activities take place subconsciously.

A Simple Way To Check On Your Money Beliefs

If you think you do not have any negative money thoughts, then try this simple exercise. Think about your parents. What kind of money beliefs do they have? Very often, your own money beliefs are unconsciously ingrained since your childhood days because of the beliefs of your parents. It might well be that your parents often discussed their money problems. Within earshot, their repeated words made an imprint in your subconscious, even while you were playing with your toys in the living room back then. Please note that this exercise is not a blaming exercise. Rather, it is one to create awareness and understanding. Your parents did not know better and they were probably brought up in exactly the same way, as they’ve raised you.

Regular Mental Housekeeping

It is a Chinese custom to spring clean our homes before the Lunar New Year begins. The whole house is cleaned to usher in good luck. Out with the old and in with the new, so to speak. In addition to clearing old books and toys, I also took some time for a mental housekeeping exercise last weekend.

Approximately once a year, I go through a checklist of negative money beliefs. This time round, while working on the list, a thought struck. Perhaps some of my readers may be interested to do the same with my 101 list! Provided in the following paragraphs are more details on how I go about addressing mine.

The recent financial meltdown may also activate the program of lack that runs inside your head. While you already know that you “should” not worry, it is easier said than done. I prefer to decisively eliminate any negative beliefs with practical applications, such as with the use of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

101 Money Beliefs

To work on negative money beliefs, it is best that you identify the specific ones that possibly hold you back. When you connect with your emotional pain of not having enough, EFT works more effectively. EFT is a method that involves tapping the meridian points on your face and body.

To start you off, however, you may wish to refer to my list of 101 negative money beliefs that I have collated from books, articles and discussions with others:

Many of us have beliefs that come from what others say or what others will like us to believe.

1 Money doesn’t grow on trees. – Money does grow on tress and come from thin air
2 Money is filthy and dirty. – Money is beautiful.
3 Money is evil. – Money is Good.
4 I am poor but clean (or good). – I am rich and also good.
5 Money is in short supply. – Money is in abundant supply.
6 Money goes out faster than it comes in. – Money comes in faster than it goes out
7 The cost of living is so high that it is impossible to keep up. – I can afford the cost of living and it is so low compared to the income I am making.
8 It’s hard to hold onto money. – It is very easy to hold onto money
9 A penny saved is a penny earned.
10 It’s better to hoard money. You never know when the rainy day will come.
11 A Depression can come at any moment.
12 Only people who cheat have money. – People who are honest can have money.
13 Money only comes from hard work. – Money also come from little or no work at all!
14 I can only earn more when I put in more hours at work.
15 Rich people are greedy and dishonest. – Rich people are generous and honest.
16 Money is not spiritual. – Money is spiritual
17 It is a sin to have a lot of money. – It is okie to have a lot of money.
18 Spiritual people are not supposed to be rich. – Spiritual people are supposed to be rich too.
19 It’s easier to spend than save money. – It is easier to save money than spending money.
20 Poor people can never get out from under.
21 Rich people are seldom happy. – Rich people are happy
22 Credit card companies are loan sharks.
23 I need lots of money first to make more money. – It doesn’t take lots of money first to make more money.
24 It’s hard to have multiple sources of income coming in, other than from my job. – It’s easy to have multiple sources of income coming in.
25 It is difficult to make money from my investments. – It is easy to make money from my investments.
26 There is a limit to how much I can earn. – There is no limit to how much I can earn.
27 Good opportunities hardly come by. – Good opportunites come by all the time.

Many of our negative money beliefs stem from having a poor self esteem. You need to address money beliefs at root causes, otherwise you would have largely missed addressing them at the right areas. Working on self-love issues opens you to receiving abundance more freely into your life. The entire process of working on yourself may sound tedious but just remember this: Thoughts of unworthiness will not be able to attract the same vibrational frequency of money, essentially a spiritual asset and a form of energy exchange.

28 I do not deserve success. – I deserve success.
29 I do not have unique talents or abilities. – I have unique talents and abilities.
30 Others just do not like me. – People just like me.
31 Everyone else comes first. – I come first before everyone else.
32 I am not worthy as a person. – I am infinite worth as a person.
33 I’ll probably just fail anyway. – I have successful mindset and I will succeed.
34 I don’t deserve money. – I deserve money.
35 I’m not good enough to make money. – I am very good at making money
36 I’m no better than my parents, so I shouldn’t make more then they did. – I make money more than my parents
37 But we can’t afford that. – I can afford that.
38 I cannot handle or manage money well. – I can handle and manage money well.
39 I am such a loser. – I am a winner
40 If I’m successful, my friends will be jealous and stop liking me. – If i am successful, my friends will be proud of me.
41 I will never get a good job. – I have great job
42 I am always in debt. – I am debt free.
43 My bank account will always be low. – My bank account will always be high.
44 I don’t want to have money and be stuck up.
45 I may just forget what’s truly important and not like the person I’ve become.
46 I resents others having money. – I am happy and joyous that others having money.
47 I will never be able to make much money. – I will be able to make much money.
48 I am just too stupid to make money. – I am clever to make money.
49 I am just too slow to make money. – I am fast thinker to make money.
50 It is just too difficult to get ahead based on my lack of academic qualifications.
51 My parents were poor, and I will be poor.
52 It is best to remain poor so that my relatives will not borrow money from me.
53 Artists (or whatever your profession is) have to struggle hard to earn a living.
54 Oh, I can’t charge that much.
55 Oh, I can’t charge more than my competitor.
56 Making money is just too difficult. – Making money is just too easy for me.
57 No one has ever said that making money is easy.
58 I am just not good with money. – I am good with money.
59 Never tell anyone what I have in the bank.
60 I can never pay off my credit card bill.
61 I don’t like receiving bills. – I love receiving bills, and I donate to them.
62 I don’t like writing checks to pay others, even if it is for a payment for their services.
63 I don’t deserve a pay rise.
64 It’s not right to ask for a pay raise.
65 I don’t like being in the limelight.
66 I like to buy gifts for others but I find it hard to spend on myself. – It is easy to spend on myself.
67 The higher I go, the harder I will fall. – The higher I go, the higher I will fly.
68 I will never be a millionaire. – I am already a multimillionare
69 I will never gain financial freedom. – I achieve financial freedom.
70 I am only worth minimum wage.
71 I find it hard to value my own potential.
72 It is best not to earn too much because I don’t want to pay more in alimony.
73 I cannot change my predetermined fate. – I am a co creator of my destiny
74 I just don’t like to think about money. – I love money and money she loves me
75 I don’t want to attract friends for the wrong reasons.

These are beliefs that you hold about your life and your experience of it.

76 Without money, I am worth nothing. – I am infinite worth, with or without money.
77 I prefer to dream small so that I am not too pressurized. – I dream huge and I know I can achieve them.
78 I do not love myself for who I am. – I am completely unconditionally love myself
79 I cannot be happy if I am rich. – I am happy and rich
80 I am unable to manifest abundance. – I am a master in manifesting abundance.
81 My life is one of suffering. – My life is one of blissfulness
82 Only with money, can I live life fully.
83 I cannot do what I love because it does not pay well.
84 I do not like to take responsibility.
85 Life is meant to be a struggle, not a breeze.
86 Why should the Universe/God support me?
87 Everything I touch is a disaster.
88 I am never lucky.
89 Only dreamers think they can get rich but I am a realist.
90 Dreams rarely come true.
91 Miracles rarely or never happen to me.
92 I will never have enough.
93 I feel safe being poor.
94 It is dangerous to be rich.
95 I will always be poor.
96 The future has nothing good in store for me.
97 It’s okay to be able to survive each day.
98 Abundance is not my birthright.
99 The more money I have, the more problems I will have.
100 It is impossible to have it all: a loving family, a job I love, great friends, good health and lots of money.
101 There is no need for more since I can’t take it with me anyway.

Next, in order to know if there are any statement that holds true in your subconscious, you may wish to muscle test yourself. Or if you are familiar with dowsing, you can also use your pendulum to check against your subconscious mind. If any statement is found to be true, tap away the negative money belief, using the statements as follows….

“Even though I believe that money is the root of all evils, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. I forgive myself and all others who have contributed to the same situation.”

“Even though I __________, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. I forgive myself and all others who have contributed to the same situation.”

There are slight variations to how you can apply EFT to your meridian points. But they essentially achieve the same goal. Here is a video that shows the points that you can tap:


If you need more information on EFT, check out the following:

1. The official website – Emofree provides a ton of information. Update!! Gary Craig, the founder of the technique, has just announced his retirement and may no longer be updating it!!

2. Prefer to be shown how to do EFT? If you are a Singaporean and would like to work on your money beliefs, I offer workshops. Do send me an email at abundancetapestry [at] gmail.com for more details. I also offer personal consultations if you prefer to work one-on-one.

3. EFT Downloads.

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