A Step By Step Law of Attraction System to Win the Lottery – My Complete Secret “Theta” Method Revealed

An Interview with Peter Keddie – The Man Who Always Wins!

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing a man who continues to upset national and international lottery corporations with his seemingly natural ability to consistently win the jackpot in any lottery he plays. He’s been traveling around the USA and Canada playing and winning lotteries everywhere he goes. We spoke with Mr. Keddie at his winter estate in St. Lucia.

(Interviewer:) Hello Mr. Keddie. Thank you for inviting us into your lovely home today.

(Peter Keddie:) Hi there. You’re quite welcome.

(Interviewer:) Mr. Keddie, Could you….

(Peter Keddie:) Please…. call me Peter.

(Interviewer:) Peter, Could you please explain to us how you managed to have won every contest you’ve entered in the last five years and why every major lottery corporation has now banned you from playing?

(Peter Keddie:) Certainly. This, of course, is why I’ve invited you here today. Since children we have been told the old saying:”Money Can’t Buy Happiness” and, like so many of the things children are told about this world, this is simply not true. When you have so much money that you can obtain whatever your heart desires how could you not be blissfully happy?

(Interviewer:) I see what you mean. How much do you have?

(Peter Keddie:) Ha. Ha. Well. Let’s just say….More than enough. This is why I’ve decided to release my “system” to the public. Since I have so much now, I no longer need to win contests and lotteries and I feel that everyone deserves to be rich and happy….That’s why I invited you here to write an article about the technique I developed. I want to share the good life with the rest of humanity.

(Interviewer:) So. You are saying that this is a system that will work for anybody?

(Peter Keddie:) Absolutely.

(Interviewer:) OK. So. How do we do it?

(Peter Keddie:) Well. First, you must fully understand the Nature of the Universe and the “Universal Laws” which are in effect for all of humanity. (There are many good websites and hubpages discussing the nature of these laws including: http://hubpages.com/hub/The-Law-of-Attraction-and-Karma ) Second, you have to be able to forget and let go of things you were told were true when you were growing up. If I impart to you a truth that I’ve discovered in conflict with what you believe is truth….you must be able to fully accept it without question. I know this is difficult but maybe just try to picture the over 500 million reasons to believe me in my bank account as proof.

(Interviewer:) OK. Before you explain the method can you tell us how you discovered it?

(Peter Keddie:) Yes. After years of studying lots of materials concerning manifesting, Law-of-attraction, Universal Laws, Religion, ESP and psychic abilities, Quantum theory and many aspects of metaphysics I found they all had one very simple “common denominator”. So I focused all my attention on every aspect of this common denominator…that is…THE POWER OF HUMAN IMAGINATION. I found and read any and every book I could find on the subject. One day I was browsing through the rare books section of an occult book store in Sedona Arizona. I was flipping through the pages of an old musty book from the 1800’s about ancient spells used to find gold when a small piece of folded paper fell out of it. I looked at the paper and found it had hand-written notes on it in what I would later find out to be an Ancient Tibetan script. I took the paper to a professor of linguistics at the University of Arizona and a few weeks later, after returning home, I received the paper and translation in the mail. I called the University to thank the professor but they said that he had recently tendered his resignation (rather abruptly) after a recent vacation in Las Vegas. After reading the professor’s translation it became obvious what had happened. The professor was the first to learn of and use this forgotten method and is now living happily ever after in a beach house in Tahiti.

(Interviewer:) What did it say?

(Peter Keddie:) Well. It said some things I’d heard before and one KEY thing I’d never heard tell of in any of the books, methods, and systems I’d studied.

(Interviewer:) What?

(Peter Keddie:) Well. Its simple…but hard to explain. Students and teachers of meditation and metaphysics all emphasize the importance of effective concentration, visualization and of course imagination in all of the various fields and methods. Whether we are talking about faith healing or Reiki … affirmations or manifestations… self-hypnosis or pasting a picture of your face into photos of the things you desire… all agree this is key… but none of these systems ever seem to work effectively for the poor…the sick…and the lonely trying to use the law of attraction to better themselves. I was there. You imagine yourself the way you’d like to be and really try to feel the way it would feel as if it was already true… You have this feeling inside you…like its in your soul… telling you these so called metaphysical methods will work… and you get frustrated when they don’t work for you or you see others succeeding with them.

(Interviewer:) I know exactly what you mean. So what’s the KEY thing that makes it all work for you?

(Peter Keddie:) I thought you’d never ask. In a word. Theta.

(Interviewer:) Theta?

(Peter Keddie:) Theta.

(Interviewer:) Referring to the brain wave state?

(Peter Keddie:) Exactly.Many systems would have your brain frequencies in the alpha regions for ideal “mindwork” and some touch upon theta. It seems the KEY is to get your brainwave frequency as low as you can. The lower you get it….the better and faster your manifestations will be. If one could enter the delta state (sleeping/dreaming) and still be “conscious” or lucid to the point that one could imagine oneself, that is dream about oneself, living one’s life as if they had already received that which they want, then one would find their dreams becoming reality quite quickly. The KEY is to make yourself dream (experiencing the new reality) as you wish to be….be healthy….wealthy…or in love. Unfortunately this is impossible to do for most people because as soon as you start to go into Theta or Delta states you fall asleep and lose the ability to imagine and maintain focus and conscious control.  Affirmations, lists, mind-movies, meditation, hypnosis and other methods fail to yield substantial success because one’s brain is in an alpha state at best. Small successes do occur when one reaches the lower alpha state…i.e. approaching Theta. So. Theta is king. When you are just on the edge of alpha and theta you can still consciously manipulate your imaginative dream-state. As your imagined state enters the theta (and hopefully Delta) frequencies this is when your desires hook up with the power needed to create physical manifestations.  Do you want to know an easy way to get into Theta? 

Continued in part 2….

Brain Wave Frequencies:

Here is a good place to pause and review what we know about brain wave frequencies. 

Gamma Brain Waves

(40 Hz +)

  • Gamma brain waves cycling at 40 Hz are associated with problem solving in both adults and children. Gamma brain waves are known to aid you in learning and mental acuity.
  • The 40 Hz rhythm can be observed throughout your entire brain; it is not found in one specific area.
  • Individuals with learning disorders and mental deficiency often are lacking in gamma brain-wave activity.

High Beta Brain Waves

(20 Hz – 40 Hz)

  • High beta brain waves are associated with fear, anxiety, excessive thinking, rapid thinking, OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), addiction, and states of peak performance.
  • Sometimes, high beta brain waves are created in your brain to compensate for excessive theta brain wave activity.
  • If you are highly alert, nervous, or a hypochondriac – you have likely experienced your share of high beta brain waves.

Beta Brain Waves

(12 Hz – 20 Hz)



  • Beta brain waves are considered your “fast brain wave” activity. Each time you focus, analyze, perform calculations, or think about your external environment, beta waves are at work.
  • As an adult, you will generally have significantly higher amounts of beta brain waves in comparison to when you were a child.
  • Too much beta brain wave activity in the right hemisphere of your brain is linked to anxiety, tension, and worry.
  • Beta waves observed in the left hemisphere of your brain are considered healthy. Beta brain wave increases may be of benefit to you if you’re depressed.
  • Beta brain waves in excess are associated with disorders such as: anxiety, insomnia, and OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). Stressful events and tension are also known to increase beta brain wave activity in the brain.

Alpha Brain Waves

(8 Hz – 12 Hz)

  1. 8 Hz – 10 Hz = Alpha 1 (slow alpha)

  2. 10 Hz – 12 Hz = Alpha 2 (relaxed and alert)

  • Alpha brain waves are associated with meditative states, visualization, and idleness of your optical system. Each time you daydream, relax, or close your eyes, alpha activity increases.
  • Normal alpha is usually found to be balanced equally among the right and left hemispheres of your brain.
  • Children who have depression or commonly daydream are known to have high amplitudes of alpha waves.
  • Alpha brain waves are commonly observed in the rear parts of your brain, while less common in your frontal parts.
  • If you are depressed, you may have excessive alpha brain waves in the left-hemisphere of your brain. Also, if alpha is found to be high in frontal parts of your brain, it may be causing depression, ADD/ADHD, or another disorder.
  • “Alpha blocking” is a term used to describe a significant decrease in alpha brain waves when the eyes open after you wake up in the morning.
  • Alpha brain waves link the conscious mind with our subconscious.

Theta Brain Waves

(4 Hz – 7 Hz)

  • Theta brain waves may be rhythmic or arrhythmic. Theta brain waves are commonly linked to enhanced levels of creativity, emotions, and spontaneity.
  • When your brain is producing excessive amounts of theta brain waves, you may feel depressed, be daydreaming, have attention-deficit disorder, feel distracted, and in some cases, feel anxious.
  • Fuzzy thinking, poor decision making, impulsivity, and slowed reaction time have been linked to excessive theta wave activity.
  • Children generally have considerably higher theta brain wave activity in comparison to adults.
  • Allow us to recover our long-term memories, repressed memories / repressed emotions, and improve our spiritual connection.

Delta Brain Waves

(1 Hz – 4 Hz)

  • Delta brain waves are commonly associated with deep sleep patterns and are the dominant brain-wave pattern among infants.
  • High-amplitude rhythmic delta brain waves in adults are often found to accompany brain injury or disorders.
  • Arrhythmic delta has been observed in college students during problem solving tasks.
  • Delta brain waves may also be observed in the EEG of children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) accompanied by Theta.
  • Loss of physical awareness / body awareness is accompanied by delta waves. If you got knocked-unconscious, delta brain waves would be observed in your E.E.G. reading.


Here’s a great site explaining in great detail the properties of all brain wave frequencies:


An Interview with Peter Keddie – The Man Who Never Loses! – Part 2

We now continue our interview with Mr. Keddie.

(Interviewer:) Are you going to reveal this simple step-by-step procedure or what?

(Peter Keddie:) Yes. Now that we’ve covered the basic theory let’s get down to the nuts and bolts and start winning money shall we?

(Interviewer:) Absolutely!

(Peter Keddie:) OK. Here’s what you do. Get yourself into Theta. Imagine yourself winning. That’s it. It so simple to say…but a little harder to do. When you awake your most prominent harmonic auric frequencies projected will now be pulling you towards a winning ticket. Follow your whims and sudden urges to buy tickets and use numbers that seem right to you. Don’t do quick picks because your energy is not put into the ticket properly.

(Interviewer:) Is there an easy way to get into Theta and maintain focus on imagining yourself winning?

(Peter Keddie:) Yup…sure is… Straight from the ancient Tibetans. There is one real good time to do this technique because you are guaranteed to be in Theta (or very low Alpha).

(Interviewer:) When’s that?

(Peter Keddie:) In the morning after a night’s sleep when you feel yourself teetering back and forth between the sleep/dream state and the awakened state. This is when you want to imagine yourself winning… You have to try and make it TOTALLY REAL. Incorporate all your senses into your imagining…. See, hear, taste, smell and feel what its like to be a jackpot lottery winner.  Now there is a great aspect of NLP called “anchoring”.  What you want to do is anchor this Theta state to a physical trigger so that anytime you “pull” the trigger the Theta state is created inside you.  This is done simply by working yourself into the deepest Theta state you can, then pressing the tips of your fore and pinky fingers together while silently saying “Theta”.  Now when you want to get into Theta fast or easy in the future, simply press your finger tips together and silently say “:theta” and you will feel an instant relaxing “drop”…The more you program this “anchor” the better it works.  (The Bahga technique can also be used for this anchor (see my other hubpage))

(Interviewer:) Is that it?

(Peter Keddie:) Pretty much.  The more you do it the better and faster it works.  There’s one more thing to amplify the effects.  When you are doing your Theta imagining … in the morning before waking… and you’ve got yourself totally accepting and believing in this reality where you are a lottery winner, there’s a great way to end the meditation technique.  You have to “wake up” in surprise and total shock that the reality you were just in has changed.  You have to try and believe that this bedroom you just opened your eyes in is the wrong one…everything about this reality you awake to is just not real…not right…feel the feeling of confusion.  There is some kind of amazingly powerful energy that this “shock technique” seems to create.  Keep doing this technique and any others you enjoy and you will win…guaranteed!….Its the Law.

(Interviewer:) I can’t wait to try this.  Thank you for taking the time to speak with us Mr. Keddie.

(Peter Keddie:) You’re quite welcome.  Good Luck

Law of Attraction Coach Banned from Playing the Lotto

June 27th, 2010

Banned from the Lottery.

Ontario Lottery officials announced today that former Law of Attraction coach Peter Keddie has been banned from playing the Lottery.

Peter Keddie recently defied the odds yet again by winning his 15th lottery in a row, racking up over $575 million in cash.

But now Lottery officials are striking back.

“His streak threatens the very integrity of the Lottery and we will do everything to protect it,” Lottery officials announced.

” Though we have no evidence that Mr. Keddie has engaged in anything illegal, we feel other people deserve a chance to win and that if using the Law of Attraction has given Mr. Keddie an unfair advantage over other lottery players then it should be illegal.”

This is just the latest bad news for Keddie who made headlines recently after being banned from a casino in Niagara Falls following a streak of 100 wins at the roulette table.

Pit boss, Mike Mikos explained that using the Law of Attraction to win is now considered illegal and won’t be tolerated at their casino.

“We think using the Law of Attraction to win is just like counting cards. We have the right to protect our business. “

The Power of Theta Brainwave to Heal

In the 1990s in Idaho, Vianna Stibal stumbled upon a remarkable discovery. Not only did she have the natural gift to ‘read’ inside people’s bodies with great accuracy but she could also witness their healings unfolding right in front of her inner eye. This was quite interesting since she herself was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in her right leg. The biopsy left her with excruciating pain and on crutches for six weeks but she continued to give massages and intuitive readings to people never the less. The doctors claimed that the best option to save her life was to amputate her leg, but certain that the Creator of All There Is could heal in an instant, she trusted that the way would be shown to her.

Vianna tells how one day while limping down the street it occurred to her that if she could witness others heal, maybe she could also heal herself and in that moment God responded to her affirmation and her leg returned to its normal length. The swelling went down and during the next check up there was no sign of cancer. With great enthusiasm, she began practicing this healing technique with her clients and the word started to get out. Within a few months, there were people flocking to Idaho Falls from all over the country. Vianna did not exactly know why the healing occurred but after doing some thorough research, she concluded that she must be slowing her brain waves to theta while witnessing the healing which allows the healing to solidify most effectively. She began to teach this method to anyone who cared to listen and named it, Theta Healing.

What is Theta?

You wake up in the morning, still under the spell of your night’s dream, trying to memorize its details. For a moment, you are still able to hold on to that fantastic reality, feeling it’s texture and contour. You try not to move, not to blink, maybe it can continue… maybe you can consciously keep that experience alive. At the same time, part of you is waking up. You hear the dog barking outside, the neighbor starting the car and you sense the early morning sunrays sneaking through the curtains. It lasts for just a few seconds and then suddenly, it is all over. You are completely awake. The dream reality fades away, the memory becomes dull as if you have traveled a very long distance from it while the contour of that landscape blurs and loses dimension. Finally, the visceral experience of the dream state completely fades away. During those precious moments between waking and sleeping your brainwaves were in theta.

Our brain produces electrical frequencies (measured by units of hertz—the number of cycles per second), which change according to the state we are in. During deep sleep, our brain produces very slow waves (delta), while during the time between waking and sleeping the brain produces a slightly faster waves which are called theta (4-7 cycles per second). During meditation and deep relaxation, when we walk through a beautiful garden, breathe deeply and close our eyes, the brain broadcasts alpha waves (7-14) and when we are in full activity, focusing on our tasks, beta waves (14-28). A state of intensive learning is often regarded as high beta or sometimes referred to as gamma waves (up to 40 cycles per seconds). An optimal state is indicated by our ability to quickly shift from one frequency to another without effort. This ability ultimately means mental flexibility and good functioning capacity in all aspects of life.

Experiencing The World Differently

Let’s go back for a moment to the theta brainwave. Our brain slows down to this frequency under several different circumstances, all of which allow us to access greater creativity and for lack of a better word, a more “elastic” reality. It grants us the possibility to experience reality more vividly, more multi-dimensionally. During the moments between wake and sleep, we can somehow experience a reality independent of physical laws, free of the earth-bound conditioning. For a moment, even though we are already awake, limited by our sensory perception, we can still sense a different reality where we posses almost super human powers. I remember a time in my life when I used to dream that I was weightless and I would float in slow motion, lifting off the ground and lightly touching the earth only to be lifted again. The feeling was so real, so visceral (and so wonderful) that upon waking, I was certain I had the power to continue doing that only to be greatly disappointed the moment I opened my eyes and put my feet on the ground.

If you have ever watched a hypnotherapy show, you surely witness how participants selected from the audience, were able to perform incredible acts that under conscious awareness they would not imagine themselves capable of. These are not tricks, and it is not staged. It informs us of the untapped power dormant within us. I clearly recall how the body of a young, light weight girl under hypnosis was placed between two chairs whose backs faced each other so that her ankles were positioned on the edge of one chair’s back and her neck on the edge of the other without any support. Her subconscious received the command to be solid as a piece of wood. The hypnotherapist, who was a relatively big guy, stepped on a chair and then stepped on her body with his entire weight. She did not move, nor collapsed and her ribs suffered no damage. She would have been astounded had she watched herself do that but amazingly, this capacity resides within all of us. We possess much greater powers than we possibly can imagine. So the question arises, if we can do this under hypnosis, why not in our waking state?

We also drop into the theta brainwave when we stand on a top of a mountain surrounded by the immense beauty of nature feeling oneness with the entire universe! Moments during which we feel connected to all life and we know with certainty that there is a higher power and that we are a part of it. Children playing video games often enter a hypnotic state of trance that most likely is associated with a theta brainwave. Generally speaking, children up to age 13, spend much of their time in this state and for them it is in fact, normal. That is why it is essential to teach children creatively and imaginatively.

More Creativity, Inspiration, and Intuition

When we begin to daydream in the middle of the day and twenty minutes later we suddenly ‘wake up’ and realize that we have absolutely no idea what transpired around us during those 20 minutes, we most likely hitched onto a theta brainwave. Often, the ideas we come up with during our theta adventure are not subjected to our regular judging filters. We simply find ourselves in the flow (or in the zone). It is only after we regain our active beta state, that we enforce our critical selective thought processes and determined what deserves our attention as suppose to what is ‘irresponsible’, ‘illogical’, ‘unrealistic’ etc. .

Another example for a theta state is the phenomenon of the fakirs in India who can walk on burning coals without burning their skin. Stories of inconceivable acts people perform under crisis situations such as a woman lifting up a vehicle to save a child underneath it also demonstrate those super human powers we possess and is associated with theta. This brainwave is regarded as the brainwave of the subconscious and is largely responsible for all the programs and beliefs we have installed and which run our lives. That is one of the reasons it is so difficult to get rid of those beliefs despite the fact that we have already identified them. On the other side of the coin, if we strongly believe with all our might that it is in our power to do something, or to change something even if it seems as if it defies the laws of science, we will be able to do it. The theta brainwave is linked to creativity, inspiration, intuition and spiritual enlightment allowing us to act outside the predictable limitations of the five senses and our conscious perception.


DECLASSIFIED: CIA Secrets Leaked Out

In 1995 a small group of former viewers started to operate in the public arena as the CIA and DIA declassified most of its Remote Viewing information to the general public.

William Ross Adey, M.D. 1922-2004, Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, Los Angeles, wrote in the 50ís about the relationship between the deep Theta state 4.5 cps and the ability to Remote Influence others. In his pioneering work, Dr. Ross Adey determined that emotional states and behavior can be remotely influenced merely by placing a subject in an electromagnetic field.

By directing a carrier frequency to stimulate the brain and using amplitude modulation to shape the wave to mimic a desired EEG frequency, he was able to impose a 4.5 CPS theta rhythm on his subjects. Although he used physical protocols (microwave radiations) to induce such a state and achieved results, he never could really give an explanation as to WHY this deep meditative brain state and its associated physiological brainwave state were needed to achieve success.

Although the deep Theta phenomenon was scientifically recorded and duplicated, no one gave a logical and coherent explanation as to why this stage of mind epiphenomenally associated with 4.5 CPS brainwaves was inducing such extra-ordinary mental abilities.

For until now, few have really understood and especially integrated the fact that we are still, at a very deep level of mind, the collective unconscious which, as a subpart of the Universal One, takes care of ALL of humanity at once.

Unleash The High Mind’s Power Within You: The Real Secret Behind The Mindís Frontier

In 1997 many former Western psy operatives and scientists were now sharing some insight on the recently declassified very mechanical protocols favored by the intelligence establishment. Many news organizations, radio shows, and TV documentaries extensively reported on what appeared to the general public to be a very exotic topic formerly reserved to the realm of science fiction and X-Files shows.

We then came out also in the open, and revealed in 1997 a totally different approach. We openly declared that the secret to Remote Viewing lies in the ability of successfully positioning one’s mind at the border of sleep in a very deep Theta 4.5 cycle per second brain state.

At this level of reduced brainwave activity the conscious human mind can access information originating from the Cosmic Collective Unconscious Mind. Our Remote Viewing course trains anyone to do so.

We were also the first mind science institute ever to push the mind frontier further and introduce in 2002 Remote Influencing training protocols which allow any trainee to enter with FULL AWARENESS (remaining aware) the sleep state (Delta state with brainwaves below 4 Hz) for advanced Remote Viewing and powerful Remote Influencing.

At that level of mind operation, one merges the sleeping world (Universal mind) and the waking world as one stays awake and conscious while one’s body rests and sleeps.

We and many very advanced mind labs have shown that the brain-manís electrical thought expression machine, operates above and superimposes over a much deeper and far more intelligent and wiser Greater Reality.


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