Are You a Reflector or an Affector of Your Life’s Circumstances?

On Affecting Reflections

Very few people in our world are fully aware of a creative power that exists within themselves. This is unfortunate because this creative power actually determines the nature of the physical reality we perceive as we go about our daily lives. Those who are unaware of this creative power unknowingly attract some very ugly things and hell-like circumstances. Those who are aware of this creative power use it to make themselves healthy, wealthy and loved. They create, for themselves, happy circumstances that the others look upon with envy and jealousy. The ancient teachers sought to help man by teaching him about the nature of this divine creative power. They recorded instructions in biblical scripture in the form of allegorical stories. When scripture is properly interpreted (not very often) one can discern and follow these instructions for the purpose of improving your life and the lives of others. Because “religion” has gotten a “bad name” in “some people’s books”, let’s just set aside “religion” for now and get to the most important thing you need to know.

Whatever you imagine, think and talk about determines your reality and thus you’re overall feeling of happiness, pride, sorrow or anger. Read that again.   Whatever you imagine, think and talk about determines your reality and thus you’re overall feeling of happiness, pride, sorrow or anger.

We all have these constant silent little conversations inside our head throughout our days. This silent talking to ourselves is a very important thing to learn control of because of the strong impressions it makes on our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is like a mindless robot. Whatever impressions you send it are acted upon like commands. It always seeks to help you but if you ask it for poison it will happily bring it.  Without going into the physics, proofs and logic at this time I will ask to to accept the fact that the subconscious mind can be very very powerful and influential on the people, events you encounter in life. It basically attracts more of what you think about. If you think about sickness, you get sickness. If you think about death and destruction and everything that’s wrong with the world, you always get more and more of it. People, who don’t realize their daily thoughts and subconscious impressions affect their future, react in anger, fear or sadness to events which make them feel these negative emotions. They are REFLECTING the same negative emotions that the events entail.

The good news is that if you start watching yourself and stopping anytime you feel a negative emotion like anger or fear, you can immediately change the nature of what you attract. Use negative emotions as a sign that your inner conversations are attracting things you do not desire. Use Anger as sign that you need to think about Happiness. Sickness is a sign that you need to think about good health. Stress about money is a sign that you need to think about wealth. When you can imagine or pretend to be healthy, wealthy and loved, despite what your physical senses and other people tell you…and you start to feel what it would be like to be the way you want or have the things you want….then you are “properly” impressing your subconscious and thus AFFECTING your life’s circumstances.

– Peter

For more exciting details on the Nature and Use of Your Subconscious Power see my hubs.


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