Charging Your Inner Dynamo – The Seven Breaths of Buddha

Keep it Spinning

At the risk of angering several ancient Shaolin kung fu monks, I decided to write this short little hub to describe to you a very simple yet very powerful technique that you can use to promote good health and a supply of vibrant energy in your body. The stronger this vibrant energy is inside you, the healthier you will be and the faster your various Law of Attraction exercises and methods will work for you.

This method has actually been around for years and many people know it in many different forms but the core technique is always the same. Focus on your breathing.

Here’s the key part.  Imagine there’s a dynamo, that is, a spinning wheel generating electricity by its motion inside your body. Your goal is to never let the wheel stop spinning. Its kind of like those old toy cars you had to “rev up” by stroking them across the floor a few times to get them going.

The ancient monks new of the power of a breathing technique they called “The Seven Breaths of Buddha”. Here’s the secret. Breathe in for seven seconds. Hold it for seven seconds. Breathe out for seven seconds. Pause for seven seconds before inhaling. There’s something magical the monks learned about this rhythm that you’ll discover the first time you try it. Its an extremely soul cleansing experience.

When you breath in, imagine the air traveling down the front of your body into your lower abdomen. When you breath out imagine the air traveling up your back, swirling around your brain and out your nose. Picture a paddle wheel inside you that gets accelerated with each breath in and each breath out. Repeat the process as long as you like. The longer you can do this, the more you are focused on only your breathing, the more you with be in the “zero state” of non-desire. The energy you create from your internal spinning dynamo will provide you with an endless source of vitality, enthusiasm and happiness as it attracts more and more positive energies and things into your life.

Keeping your dynamo spinning also forces out negative energy, thoughts and memories. It is a very good way of clearing and cleaning out any negative emotional responses to your thoughts or environment you. The next time you get angry when somebody “cuts in front of you” in line or on the highway you can simply do this technique to release and cleanse the anger before it can do you any physical or mental harm.

Negative emotions like anger, fear and hate cause your dynamo to slow or even stop. In this state your body is very vulnerable to sickness and disease. Your body actually uses sickness and disease as a way of telling you “Yo! Our dynamo is topped down here! We need to get it going again right now!” Anger, hatred and fear are similar signs from your body.

So start spinning!


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