Important New Information for Law of Attraction Students

Well I’ve been doing it wrong. Have you too?

I was recently listening to some material created by Dr. Robert Anthony and he brought up a very important item that all law of attraction students should know about. I’ve listened to and read a lot of people’s material on “Law of Attraction”. Most of them are just repeating what I already know but once and while somebody comes along with a new or creative idea. This particular idea is very much worth discussing and dedicating a hub too.

All LOA systems stress the importance of “knowing what you want” before you can do anything. You have to be absolutely clear and focused on what it is you really want to attract to yourself. Here’s where Robert brought up a point I’d not pondered very much…and have been pondering a great deal since.

There is a huge difference between YOUR MIND’S DESIRES and YOUR HEART’S DESIRES.

Well all know what we want right? To be happy. We all know what we need to be happy right? At least we think we know. Although most of us are far more clear on what we don’t want in order to be happy. We would definitely be happy without bills, sickness, loneliness, etc.

If I think as I type I would definitely say I want a new car, a new house and so much money in the bank that I don’t ever have to work and get to sleep in as long as I want every day. Winning the lottery is pretty much the only way this could happen so I KNOW I definitely want to win the lottery. I could go on and on but do you see the problem here? These are all things my MIND desires and thinks will make me happy when I have them. We all THINK about what we want because we THINK it will make us happy. As we think to ourselves “I’ll be happy when I achieve my goals” it stands to reason we’re not happy now. If we’re not happy now, we aren’t attracting anything that will make us happy. Our HEARTS really aren’t in it.

All LOA systems also stress the importance of FEELING INTENSELY that you already have that which you desire. The more emotionally intense the feelings, the faster your desires (or whatever positive or negative things you are focusing on) manifest. So the best I could do, ie. the strongest feeling I could muster, would be to imagine how happy I would be if I won the lottery. Is this my heart’s desire? Is my heart set on winning the lottery to the degree that nothing else matters and I’d rather die than live without it? Certainly not. Therein lies the “rub”.

Have you, or somebody you know, ever had YOUR HEART SET ON SOMETHING? When your heart is set on something you allow ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to get in your way. You are bound and determined that this is going to happen and you focus on making it happen or die trying. Most of the time people who have their heart set on something achieve it simply because of their unwavering determination and refusal to accept failure. Occasionally however something happens and you fail to achieve your heart’s desire. At this point you generally start wishing you were dead. There is no point in living. You consciously or unconsciously swear to yourself that you will never, ever, get your heart set on something again. This is the only way to protect yourself from such utterly depressing failure.

I think we all go through this conditioning at a very young age. I know I did when I couldn’t have that BB gun. Unfortunately, most of us get conditioned at some point in our lives to “not get our hopes up” and any desires we have, we keep safely tucked away in our minds where they can’t hurt us. It happens again to many of us when we fall in love. We finally think we have achieved our heart’s desire then something happens and its gone. The pain makes many vow to never love again for fear of hurt.

When you take the risk and pursue your HEART’S desire that is when the Law of Attraction will assist you the most. Have you ever said to somebody about something trivial, “This is personal now!” and gone on a vendetta, pursuing some goal with incredible focus and intensity? That’s what it feels like. You have to simulate this feeling as you imagine your desires and goals either achieved or absolutely certain to come. If you feel happy right now… If you can feel a good intense emotional desire… Then you are taking maximum advantage of The Law of Attraction.

The more happy you can make yourself feel at any point in time, despite all external forces and circumstances, the more the LOA causes you to get more of what makes you happy without having to THINK about them.

So take the risk kids. Break that dam societal conditioning. Imagine a world where everyone did what they wanted instead of what that had to do. Our conditioning makes us immediately picture a world of laziness where nothing gets done. (Like government! ;o) It does’t have to be that way though.

You now have a very important piece of the puzzle. Actually, I’ve shown you the whole picture. Isn’t it true that you, like me, have been trying to use the Law of Attraction to help you achieve your Mind’s desires and not really pursuing any of your Heart’s desires? Follow me!?

I’ll finish this hub with one final thought. Actually I’ll give Dr. Anthony credit for this one too. What if you were suddenly diagnosed any given one day more to live? In 24 hours you will be dead. You’re already thinking about what you’d do in those last hours but first let me offer you a cure with a catch. This magic pill will keep you alive for ten years but you must stop, change your way of life, and only pursue your heart’s desires. If you’re a waitress that’s always wanted to be an actress, you have quit and start auditioning. What would you choose? Death in a day or ten more years of life pursuing your heart’s desires? Doesn’t his kind of make you think…”Maybe I should start taking this personal NOW and achieve what it is I REALLY want …before it is too late.”

– Peter


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