Practical Law of Attraction Techniques – The Shock Technique

Where Am I?

Another good Law of Attraction exercise can be referred to as THE SHOCK TECHNIQUE.

First do whatever it is you normally do to get relaxed and meditative. (You could try the method described in my hub on “the rainbow technique”).

Close your eyes. Now visualize yourself as you wish to be…in the job you desire…driving the car you desire…kissing the woman you desire…counting the hundred dollar bills you desire…whatever it is you desire.  Imagine all the different aspects and angles of your desire as if it has already occurred. You must convince your self that your desire is already fulfilled and you are living it right now.  Feel the emotions you would feel were it true. Convince yourself it is true.

See. Hear. Smell. Taste. Touch and feel every little detail of your desired scene until you’re so filled with happiness and joy that you’re about to explode. (Now instead of exploding and releasing this energy as you do in some techniques, do this instead.)

Now open your eyes.

If you’re doing the technique properly, you will immediately feel a sense of surprise and shock as you open your eyes into a completely different reality than the one your were just imagining yourself in.

Express dismay. “Hey! Where the hell am I? Where’s my Ferrari? What happened to the bag of money I was just holding. etc.

That’s it.  This is a powerful and effective way of programming our sub-conscious to treat that which we imagine as real and to act as a sort of delivery confirmation from you to let the Universe know you EXPECT to receive that which you imagine and focus on. 

You EXPECT it with so much FAITH that it comes as a very big SHOCK if you don’t.

Good exercise for the Faith-muscle.


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