The Law of Attraction – A Practical Technique

Tell me what you want.

Are you sure you want it?

Now let me tell you how to get it.

Assume you have it already.

Sound familiar? By now it should. Mankind has been told this secret again and again, but whether it is by yourself or by someone else…the truth is denied….scoffed at…ridiculed. If you study the symbolic nature of scripture you’ll be told to pray as if your prayers have already been answered…ask and you’ll receive. Lately, a principle referred to as “The Secret” or “The Law of Attraction” has been getting more and more attention…especially from those who find themselves suffering in situations they rather not be in. Poor people…sick people….lonely people….are all looking for a “quick fix” to their problems. Most rational people will believe and convince others that there is no such thing as a quick fix but I intend to prove them all wrong…I intend to reveal to you…THE QUICK FIX !

I am about to tell you the exact infallible method.

How to get rich!

How to cure cancer!

How to get laid!

Just send me money and I’ll tell you. (I know. You were expecting this right? Well I’m just kidding. I don’t need your money. I use the technique for myself after all.)

At this point you’re thinking to yourself “To good to be true”….yet you read on…because you sense the presence of a door I’m about to open for you. So let me get to the actual practical technique…but before I do…let me first tell you…I’m not yet going to tell you how and why this technique works…because you don’t need to know that now…I will explain this in depth in future articles. (or refer to the attached videos of the revelations of Neville Goddard if you just can’t wait.)

This technique can be done at anytime and works for anything you want and works even faster if you use it to give someone else what they want. So here it is.

You were born with the power to create and change anything in your life. The key to effectively creating the things you want…and transforming your “bad” creations into “good” ones…lies simply in the effective use of…YOUR IMAGINATION !

The Technique (also refered to elsewhere online as “The Eerie Technique”) is this:

  1. Decide what you REALLY want for yourself or someone. Be very clear. Be very sure.
  2. Imagine your desire has already been fulfilled.
  3. Imagine what you’d see…hear…smell…feel. What you’d about…think about.
  4. Does it still seem to be what you really want? OK then…you have to be sure its a good thing and you really do want it.
  5. As you imagine yourself in the state of mind you expect you’d be in with your desire fulfilled, you’re already halfway there. You can’t help but feel happy and full of joy can you…I mean you now possess that thing you’ve been wanting for so long…and it feels GREAT!
  6. Now amplify your happy state of mind as much as you can. You must feel the intensity of your happiness grow and grow until you’re jumping for joy inside your skull…screaming “WOO-HOO!”…laughing….dancing…singing…until you feel the intensity of your imagining actually begin to become a physical sensation…that exciting “Thank God!” feeling…that incredible feeling of release and freedom from stress, fear and worry. Even pretend you’re about to have an orgasm!
  7. When you can build the energetic feeling no more….RELEASE IT! Let yourself explode in ecstasy! Imagine your self exploding…orgasming…. releasing all your happiness into the world.
  8. And you’re done. You have “fertilized the seed”. Do nothing further. Let the seed grow.
  9. Soon things will begin to happen naturally. You’ll meet people… discover websites… receive offers… all which will either give you exactly what you want of help you get it….and I’ll tell you…I guarantee you will not believe it was this technique that brought it to you. The method of fulfillment will seem so natural that you’ll think it would have happened anyways…and when this happens…try to remember these words. You’re the one who did it!
  10. Now do it again!
  11. If using this technique on someone else there is only one thing to remember. “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.” Would you appreciate it if another person used the technique to help you? Then they will too appreciate it. So go for it!

This technique can be done anytime. Very effective times are during long walks, long drives, just before going to sleep and just before getting up in the morning. I urge you all to try this and prove it to yourself. I’ve used the technique to find a job, to find a woman, to get a 25′ sailboat, to get jobs for my sons, to heal my back pain and many more. Please let me know how it works for you.

Its also very effective when combined with “The Rainbow Technique” to relax yourself…get into the alpha state…connect with God within you…etc  This technique is described on a separate hubpage.


Peter Keddie

ps. next article…”Why it doesn’t work for you.”

Tell Me What You Want – Part 2

…then You say to me: “Well OK Peter.  I did the technique you said.  I imagined myself sitting on a huge pile of gold coins.  but nothing happened!  Why!  I knew this was all BS!”

Some of our “so-called” spiritual masters will tell us that it is not “good” to be greedy and wish for money for yourself…they say this is why you fail…they say you should wish for a more noble goal.  Well let me tell you…that is BS.  Unfortunately, the power given to mankind to create his own reality does not judge.  If man chooses to create “evil” suffering, poverty or sickness then this is exactly what he will get.  Fortunately, if man unknowingly creates something which he does not desire, he also possesses the power to destroy it.  This is partly why we all have difficulties with this at first….but the biggest reason our prayers and desires fail to physically manifest is….LACK OF FAITH.

Tell me.  After you finshed the process I described…envisioning yourself sitting on the pile of gold…laughing happily…screaming for joy…tossing the coins in the air….feeling them fall on you and then intensifying the feeling….and then releasing it…what did you do next.

Did you go back to you old way of thinking and worrying about your problems? or Did you find yourself incredibly happy all day and night long because all you could think about was that it is a certainty that your desire is about to be fulfilled.  This is the key people!  FAITH.

“You gotta have faith” – G.Michaels  He’s right.  You have to trust in your power.  If you’re skeptical that’s fine…but then you must pretend to have faith…act in faith…expect it to come true… know it will come true.

The technique I describe is like fertilizing a seed.  There’s nothing more you can do than wait for it to grow…taking however long it takes… but you must have faith in the fact that the seed must grow.  Now if you water the seed it will grow faster…but if you surround the seed with unfavourable conditions…it will die.

If you have faith your seed will grow then it will…if you worry and fear about what will happen if it doesn’t grow…it will die.

If you start with small prayers for easy things when you see these things manifest your faith will be strengthened and your ability to use this power will grow.  I started my own personal experience out by asking to find a lost $5 bill…it took 3-days…but when I found it…the pleasure was more intense than imaginable.

Ideally, if you can constantly have faith every minute of every hour, you will see the fastest results.  So as you drive to work or sit in front of the TV or read your email…keep a slight knowing grin on your face…because in the back of your mind you know what’s about to come.

Now.  Tell me your success stories!

-Peter Keddie

Tell me What You Want – Part 3

So now a few days later you say to me: “I’ve imagined myself sitting on my pile of gold…and felt the happiness it would bring…and felt incredible comfort in the faith that the pile of gold is about to materialize…but…like…where’s the gold dude?”

So answer these questions. Do you really think you would gain great pleasure and happiness by sitting on a pile of precious metal? Instead is it the sense of freedom the pile would grant you the thing that you seek? Freedom from worries about money and employment?

I now suggest you “imagine the freedom”. Sound familiar? The Slogan of my local lottery corporation. Feel as if you have already won…you have all the things you want from your pile of gold!  A better suggestion would be for you to use this gift to “free” someone else. When you start to see results your faith and powers grow for you to use intern to create happiness for yourself.

-Peter Keddie

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