The Law of Attraction – Ancient Egyptian Mirror Image Technique Discovery

Archeologist Reveals His Discovery Then Disappears!

At great peril to his own life , professor Junior Jones (name changed for protection) has decided the best way to keep himself alive is to reveal the findings of his recent Egyptian dig before those forces which would prefer the knowledge to remain hidden can silence him permanently.

Dr. JJ related his incredible story to me personally over the phone and I will do my best to impart to all of you extremely lucky readers some knowledge that will change your life. It seems’ after hundreds of years, Egyptian wizards discovered many things about detecting and manipulating invisible forces and powers co-existing in our bodies and on our planet.

Using state-of-the-art military technology, Dr J. managed to dig a very small and very illegal tunnel from his basement hotel room to a spot 23 meters directly below the great sphinx where he was delighted to find a previously undiscovered chamber untouched for thousands of years. Inside, amongst the skeletons of many long since suffocated snakes, Dr J. says he found a small golden mirror similar to the one in the picture…only with a quartz-crystal covered highly polished silver mirror on both sides. The quartz coating seems to have protected the surface of the mirror from tarnish after all these years but the gold needed to be restored. When he removed the tarnish from the golden frame he was astonished to find a set of hieroglyphic instructions and warnings on the use of this mirror.

Using his vast experience and knowledge about ancient hieroglyphs and bit of Google searching he quickly translated the inscriptions on the mirror. They described a method by which the holder of the mirror could: look at his reflection… imagine a change in the reflection… then see the change manifest on the holder. “This is the Law of Attraction!” I exclaimed excitedly to Professor Jones. He said he had no idea what I was talking about then I heard the sounds of gun shots and men shouting in Egyptian! Dr J quickly emailed me an English translation of the instructions from his Blackberry. The phone line was cut off.

Dr Jones.  If you are out there somewhere and read this hubpage rest assured that I am getting the word out.  I know everyone who reads this will spread the word and click on a few of the Google Adword Ads so I can raise some money to help free you from your captors.

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Scan of the characters from the mirror

Actual scan sent from Dr. Jones' Blackberry
Actual scan sent from Dr. Jones’ Blackberry

The Ancient Mirror Technique Translated!

As I was writing this Jack Bauer burst through my window and said it was a matter of national security that I not reveal this information for the next 24 hours. After threatening me with a live lamp cord I felt it wise to complete this hub at a later time.

Ok. I’m back. Here’s the technique. You know how you get a tunnel effect when you hold two mirrors opposite each other. Well apparently this creates a vortex at the astral vibrational levels. When a mind has matched its vibrations with the astral harmonic levels and achieved resonance, the conscious mind is then able to interact with the vortex. The fascinating thing about this is that you are able to interact with each mirror image which is actually a version of yourself in a parallel universe. (Infinite numbers of parallel universe exist. One for each choice you make…multiplied by each one somebody else makes….but that’s another hub.) You can find your parallel self that has achieved your goals and interact with them using this ancient method. (I’ll bet this info has been classified all the way back to Pharohs times) This means you can lose weight… become wealthy… heal yourself… find you soul mate… get a dream job… and the list goes on and on. We’ve all played with mirrors… but have you ever imagined the effect in your meditations?

Here’s the steps:

  1. Relax yourself. Get into Alpha. (See my hub on the Rainbow Technique)
  2. Imagine yourself holding a mirror and standing in front of a mirror.
    See your the mirror.
  3. Think about what you want or want to change about yourself.
  4. Now imagine holding up the smaller mirror and creating a vortex tunnel.
  5. Watch the optical spiral swirl around seeking out your desired self image.
  6. When you connect with the dimension you are seeking you will hear a pop! as you see the vortex snap to the center of the mirror. You’ll feel a definite bursting rush of energy against you as the portal opens.
  7. Imagine yourself dropping the hand mirror and smashing it at your feet.
  8. Look up and see the reflection of yourself who already has received or achieved what you need and desire. You’ll notice the mirror is gone and you are looking through an open portal.
  9. Now step or climb through the portal.
  10. Talk to your reflection and ask for advice. Give each other “high fives!” Your both really happy to see each other. Have a beer… whatever you enjoy…
  11. Now imagine your mirror-self climbing through the portal into your world.
  12. You have traded places for a while. Imagine yourself living in this dimension already the way you want to be. Healthy… wealthy… in love… While your mirror image self is in your world doing all the things he did before in his dimension to achieve what he used to have.
  13. After thoroughly enjoying yourself… go to sleep… or awaken from your meditation. Its important to end the technique still in the parallel dimension, with the mirrored selves still switched.
  14. Now watch it happen to you in real life (Usually by some mysterious set of circumstances that you’ll likely say would have happened anyway.)

Good luck fellow images!

Oh no. I think I hear Jack Bauer again.  I have to erase my hard drive fast.  I only hope I can save this hubpage and get the word out to the people.


Mirror Magick

People have always used reflective surfaces for scrying, folk magic, and necromancy. In the case of necromancy, the mirror represents absorption (of the soul) and then reflection (a return or regurgitation).

It was believed that the reflection was a part of the soul. This belief is still found today in superstitions and customs. When a mirror breaks it is said that the person who broke the mirror will have seven years of bad luck or that the last person who looked into the mirror will soon die. To counteract this ill-fated omen, people would throw a broken mirror into a stream. The belief was that the running water would wash away any remnants of the reflected soul stuck in the mirror. Today some people will carefully pick up a few pieces of the broken mirror and rinse them under running water before discarding of them safely.  While breaking a mirror accidentally is bad luck, breaking a mirror intentionally is not.

Witches would, and still do, capture the image of the moon in a mirror for oracular purposes. These witch mirrors were used for scrying and were made from any number of different materials: polished stones, polished metals, a bowl of water, or a glass mirror.

The Kabalists had their own method of using polished (reflective) metals for scrying purposes. Each metal mirror had its own day of the week, overseeing deity, and purpose as can be seen in the chart below [Footnotes 2 & 5]:

Weekday — Planet — Metal — Purpose of Question

Sunday — Sun — Gold — leadership, politicians
Monday — Moon — Silver — dreams, mysticism
Tuesday — Mars — Iron — laws, conflicts
Wednesday — Mercury — Quicksilver (in glass) — money
Thursday — Jupiter — Tin — success
Friday — Venus — Copper — love
Saturday — Saturn — Lead — secrets, discovery of lost


Apple Slices:

At midnight sit down in front of a mirror and cut an apple into nine slices. Eat each slice from the tip of the knife. Before you eat the ninth slice, the image of your future lover will appear in the mirror and ask you for the final piece of apple.

Hair Combing:

Stand before a mirror in a candlelit room and comb your hair. You will soon see the image of your lover-to-be standing behind you.

Walking Backwards:

Standing outside and holding a mirror in your hand, walk backwards while saying:
“Round and round, O stars so fair!
Ye travel and search out everywhere.
I pray you, sweet stars, now show to me
This night who my future husband (wife) shall be!”[Footnotes 1 & 4]
The image of your future spouse will appear in the mirror.

Cellar Stairs:

Hold a mirror in front of you while walking down the dark cellar stairs backwards. You will see your intended’s reflection in the mirror.


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