The Law of Attraction – How to Attract MONEY – A simple yet powerful technique

The Doubling Meditation

After years of research on methods to attract wealth to myself and loved ones; after climbing high mountains to speak with gurus; and after playing many rock and roll records backwards; I have developed an interesting new technique that combines many aspects of metaphysics, positive thinking, affirmations, health sciences, psychic magick, universal energy, God etc.

Without going through the steps and processes and theories of all of this I offer to all you students of metaphysics a simple and fun technique you can use to match your vibrations to those necessary to attract wealth and CASH to your pocket and life.

Most philosophies teach that the want of money is evil. What God considers evil…is hording money. Money is one of God’s inventions to make mankind’s life easier. To make our lives easier, money has to FLOW. The more hands it exchanges, the more everyone’s life is happy. There is no shortage of money in this world…only shortage of flow.
Keep this in mind as you use this method.

This method is best used when your doing nothing and you’re letting your mind wander and think. Walking, driving, etc. Its also especially powerful to do as you fall asleep or as you lay in bed in the morning after sleeping. (i.e when your brain is in alpha) Its a great way to stop worrying about your bills and debts for a while and is thus “healthy” for your body as a stress reliever. So with no further a due.

The method:

  1. Imagine sitting in front of a wall with two open windows. Its a sunny day and you can hear people outside.
  2. You look down and see a penny in your lap. You say “Thanks!” You pick it up toss it out the window.
  3. You hear a “pop!” and look down and see two pennies. You say “Thanks!” and toss them out the window.
  4. “Pop!” again. You have four pennies. Say “Thanks!” Toss them. This is getting fun.
  5. Keep repeating the procedure, doubling each time until you start to get bills.
  6. Now start making paper airplanes and tossing them out the window. Hear the happy people finding them in the street below your windows. You start to feel how good it feels when you give other people money. Start tossing hundred dollar airplanes and listen to them scream with delight!
  7. For every airplane you toss, two more sail back to you through the other window. Tens turn into twenties…fifties into hundreds.
  8. Soon you’ll imagine your way up to thousands of dollars. Start putting the money in envelopes and imagine handing them to people. Imagine envelopes being handed back to you with double the money each time. Say “Thanks!” each time. (Law of Gratitude)
  9. When the math starts to get too tricky its okay to spend some of the excess to round down to an easy number again.  Start imaging paying off some of your bills.
  10. At some point you’ll have enough money to pay all your bills an debts. Enough to not have to work. Imagine paying everything off…sending you kids to school…getting a fast car… getting a mansion… Imagine the freedom!  Don;t spend it all though…you need some to keep doubling with.
  11. Keep doing the process. Now start thinking about people you don’t know. How could you give envelopes containing hundreds of thousands….millions… of dollars and enrich the lives of your fellow man?
  12. You keep doubling and doubling. (It takes me about an hour to reach the million dollar level) Soon you don’t know what to do with the money anymore but you keep going… each time imagining the feeling of it good it would feel to have all this money and all the things you desire

That’s it. Now watch in your everyday life for strange co-incidental influxes of money.

Have Fun!

Be Creative With Your Money Jets!


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