How to Invoke a Magickal Money Magnet – Shamanic Ritual

My Indian Grandfather’s Money Magnet Ritual

When I lived on an Indian reservation in Alberta I was befriended by an Indian man in his 80’s or 90’s. He was the oldest and most wisest man in the tribe so everyone called him Grandfather (whether they were related or not) In his youth Grandfather was raised as an “apprentice” to the tribal shaman. Many of Grandfather’s stories involved this shaman and the incredible “miracles” that Grandfather witnessed him perform. One of the stories that stuck in my mind was the story of a white man who came to see the shaman one day with a problem. Apparently the man had lost his job and a bank was threatening to foreclose on his home. Over the next five days the shaman and the man worked together on a ritual/spell that created a kind of “super-charged money magnet” for the man. After expressing his thanks the man left only to return one month later. He was obviously very happy as he rode into the village on a fancy new white mustang. He told Grandfather and the shaman that since he’d left he had encountered a series co-incidences that left this man now extremely wealthy. The man said it was if his luck had suddenly changed. He now owned and operated a successful trading post business and had more money than he knew what to do with. The man’s business grew and grew and we now know it as “The Hudson Bay Trading Company.” The man wanted to repay my Grandfather’s shaman somehow but the shaman said there was nothing the man could give him that he did not already possess.

The other day a friend came to me in the same situation. The evil bank was about to foreclose on his house. This made me remember my Grandfather”s story and I told it to my friend. My friend went home and tried the ritual over the next week. One month later, my friend returned with an ear-to-ear grin. He had created a “Money Magnet” and used it to solve his financial troubles. “I can not understand or believe how well this thing works” he exclaimed “but look!” and he showed me his bank account statement showing a six figure balance.

Since then, I have helped many white men fashion these magickal money magnets with great success and, since I am now so rich that all I have to do is sit around in my mansion writing hubpages out of sheer boredom and sickness of possessing so much money, I am now going to explain it to all of you lucky readers.

The Materials you need are simply:

  1. A magnet
  2. Twenty bucks in coin.
  3. A ceramic jar

The magnet can be any kind or magnet but the best are natural “lodestones” from the Earth (these can usually be obtained at New Age or Lapidary Stores). The Twenty buck can be in any currency. Being Canadian I use ten “toonies”. The ceramic jar can be anything made from clay. A fired coffee mug for example.

Here’s the Procedure:

  1. Hold your magnet in the palm of your left hand.
  2. Close your eyes, relax, get into alpha (see my other hubs)
  3. Say in your head “I call forth the spirits of money, success and wealth to enter and remain in this magnet.
  4. Envision a golden dollar sign being pulled from the heavens by the magnetic force until it is pulled into the magnet. This is a manifestation, in spirit form, of your desire for money.
  5. Place the magnet in the ceramic jar or mug and leave it uncovered.
  6. Place the ceramic jar where you will see it a lot during the day. (The bathroom counter is good.)
  7. Imagine you can almost see magnetic lines of force coming from the top of the jar as the magnet pulls money towards it.
  8. Place $2 in the jar with the magnet.
  9. Know that the magnet feels a brief moment of “relief” as it finally starts to get what its been attracting.
  10. For the next five days add $2 to the jar each morning. At the end of the week you’ll have ten dollars in the jar.
  11. Rejoice. Remove the money and immediately buy something frivolous…just for you.
  12. Feel the “displeasure” of the money magnet in the empty jar and feel it increase its magnetic field strength to try and get back the money it just lost.
  13. Remove the magnet from the jar and carry it in your pocket. (or make a ring or necklace out of it.)
  14. You are now setup to attract and receive wealth from sources you never even thought possible. Watch for opportunities to increase your wealth come at you like never before.
  15. Re-charge your magnet using the same procedure every so often.

Always remember the wise word of my Grandfather who’d always say “Sakehitiwin!” when asked for the meaning of life.


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28 Responses to How to Invoke a Magickal Money Magnet – Shamanic Ritual

  1. Ricky says:

    This is one of the most interesting stories I’ve read.I hope it works for me though cos my family and I have had it bad financially for the past 7 years and i’ve been unemployed since 2009 and we’re about to be evicted.

  2. Emegwam Dennis Onyi says:

    I believe this can also work for me in africa(Nigeria).

  3. Christopher ugwu says:

    This looks great I like it

  4. Prince says:

    Is this for real*I want to be a wealthy man in life to help my family rise to affluence and help the needy in my country*To be an inspiration to the young ones*

    “SAKEHITIWIN” lives on

  5. ikenna ubasineke says:

    sakehitiwin! GRANDFATHER. I believe you. I shall try it with naira

  6. ikenna ubasineke says:

    sakehitiwin! GRANDFATHER. I believe you. I shall try it with naira +2348038844583

  7. victor says:

    what do u do with the 20buck in coin

  8. Joseph Acquah says:

    I’m sure i can also become wealthy man so that i can help the poor and the needy.

  9. Christian lever says:

    I like the reading, I will try it in hope it work for me
    And please if dear is more to do. Kindly send me the sample thanks

  10. Navar says:

    I haven’t seeing where to used the $20 in coin

  11. KISHAN says:

    Close your eyes, relax, get into alpha,what does it mean to get into alpha
    can someone explain pliz

  12. uche says:

    plz i need to connect to the wealthy once and this is my mobile line +233245257831,i dont care what it takes

  13. Adayi sunday says:

    I want make this kind of money

  14. trend says:

    I love this

  15. Xolani says:

    Is this a joke or just another mind trick?

  16. austine says:

    there’ s lodestone in my place. What is is the next se

  17. John Egbodo says:

    The uses of coin currency isn’t accepted in my country. Can i use note currency In this money invokation exercise?

  18. John Egbodo says:

    Can other person see the magnet Jar apart from me?

    • tradeadept says:

      preferably not John,
      it is said / written elsewhere, to do magick laws
      such as “A helpful way to maintain that state of self-referral is to keep your desires to yourself; do not share them with anyone else unless they share the exact same desires that you have and are closely bonded with you.”
      it is about letting go expectation as well, if you tell or show to everyone, you lose that power as you start trying to please other people. And their enery might effect it too, Do it in silent, make it ‘sacred objects’ and your secret / sacred ‘ritual’

  19. waxxy says:

    hi,am wasiu from nigeria and we no longer spend there other means? cos i wanna be RICH!!!

  20. This is an ancient indian body luck magnetisation.
    We still have numerous methods we can use to spiritually bring you wealth during the night.
    The method is not easy and very costly since its needs human part but it is guaranteed to bring you not less than $300, 000, 000 within the night of the ritual. The politians do this particular one during election

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