Deepak Chopra – Ritam Bhara Pragya

I am excited to be participating in this Blog. As I travel around the world I would love to share my experiences both internal and external with all of you. Please feel free to respond.

Some of you may know that I have always been fascinated by the phenomenon of meaningful coincidence and synchronicity. This morning, I was thinking of someone that I hadn’t heard from in 10 years and wondering what had happened to them or where they were. And even as I was having that thought my phone rang and that very person was calling me.

I am sure you have had that a similar experience many times. The phenomenon is well known and goes under the name of meaningful coincidence, synchronicity. Through the years I have met a lot of people who have achieved extraordinary things in their lives and all of them say they were lucky; God was on their side, being at the right place at the right time. I think they are saying the same thing. In the Vedic literature we have an expression “Ritam Bhara Pragya”, it literally means that if your mind is synchronized with the synchronistic mind of the universe you tap into the local correlation of the universe and your intentions become very powerful leading to the spontaneous fulfillment of desire. The following are the nine characteristics that I have find in all synchronistic experiences.

1. Synchronicity is as conspiracy of improbabilities.
2. The experience is a result of karmic relationships coming together.
3. Synchronicity is orchestrated in a domain of consciousness beyond space and time where there is non local correlation.
4. It moves us into more expanded state of consciousness where you see events and relationships contextually and as interdependently co-arising.
5. Synchronicity is the result of an intention that you have had consciously and or unconsciously.
6. The experience begins to transform your life and leads to the phenomena of “good luck”.
7. There is great emotional fulfillment from the experience.
8. The meaning and purpose of your life starts to become clear.
9. You no longer see the outer world as separate from your inner world from thoughts, feelings, emotions, fantasies and dreams.

I have found the following attitudes helpful in accelerating this experience:

1. See the world as an extension of yourself.
2. Keep in mind that nurturing relationships is the most important activity in life.
3. Keep your intention lively in your consciousness but detach from the outcome.
4. Remain independent from the good or bad opinion of others.
5. Stay emotionally healthy, free from resentments and grievances.
6. Harmonize the masculine and the feminine in your own being.
7. Keep a diary of all coincidences and ask yourself what are the karmic significances and what do they mean

It has been said that coincides are anonymous gifts from God. I would love to know what you think and would also love to hear your experiences with this amazing phenomena.


‘When awareness is permanently established in Pure Consciousness, only the truth will dawn in one’s awareness. This state of consciousness is called Ritam-bhara pragya, “that intelligence which knows only the truth”.

 ‘During the practice of the Transcendental Meditation Technique, as the awareness goes from the gross thinking level to finer thinking levels and then to the Transcendent, the experience of Ritam-bhara pragya can occur on the finest thinking level, very close to the Transcendent. In this experience one feels “I know everything”. As the practice advances the experience of Ritam-bhara pragya becomes permanently established. 

  ‘When one’s awareness is established on the level of Ritam-bhara pragya, it is possible to produce specific impulses, or sounds, in order to produce any desired influence on an object. This level of consciousness has control over the whole field of objectivity. By developing this ability to produce effects in creation according to one’s desire, one gains mastery over Nature.’

 —Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 26 July 1971

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