Love & Money


Love is Everywhere. Heartbreak is Worth It. I am Attractive. I am Sexy. I am Beautiful.

I am Fun. I am Funny. I am Happy. I am Fascinating. I Love Me. I am Abundant.

Women are Fun. Women are Simple. Women are Kind. Women are Intuitive.
Women are Brilliant. Women are Fascinated by Me. Women are Intrigued by Me.
Women are Attracted to Me. Women like Me.

Dating is Exciting. Dating is Relaxing. Dating is Therapeutic. Dating is Fun. Dating is Refreshing.

Relationships are Liberating. Relationships are Empowering. Relationships are Reassuring. Relationships are Grounding. Relationships are Rooting. Relationships are Calming. Relationships are Exciting. Relationships are Fun.

Marriage is Liberating. Marriage is Empowering. Marriage is Reassuring. Marriage is Grounding. Marriage is Rooting. Marriage is Calming. Marriage is Exciting. Marriage is Fun.

Suspense is Delicious. Anticipation is Delicious. Waiting is Delicious. Patience is Exciting. I Enjoy Uncertainty. I Enjoy Insecurity. I Enjoy Attraction.


The Love of Money is the Root of Creating Wealth. Money Grows on Trees.

Wealth is Useful. Money is Useful.  Success if Fulfilling. Wealth is Beneficial.

Money is Beneficial. Success is Inspiring..Work is Fulfilling. Producing is Fulfilling.

Work is Enjoyable. Work is Fun. Producing is Enjoyable. Producing is Fun.

Hard Work is Satisfying. Rich People are Inspiring. Rich People are Anything.

Wealthy People are Inspiring. Wealthy People are Anything. Successful People are Inspiring.

Successful People are Anything. Competition is Exciting. Competition is Exhilarating.

Jealous People are Entertaining. Haters are Entertaining. Negative People are Entertaining.

Jealous People are Anything. Haters are Anything. Negative People are Anything.

Challenges are Exciting. Problems are Solvable. Challenges are Anything.

Problems are Anything. Simplicity is Beautiful. Simplicity is Sexy.

I am Pursuasive. I am Logical. I am Reasonable. I am Beneficial.

I am Powerful. I am Power. I am Successful. I am Success.

I am Wealthy. I am Wealth. I am Money. I am Accomplishment.

I am Change. I am Anything. I Can Do Anything I Set My Mind, Heart, Body, and Labor to.

I Can Do Anything. People Are Helpful. People Enjoy Me.

The Economy Is Full of Opportunities. The Economy is Anything.

The Process is the Destination. The Destination is the Destination.

I have Arrived. I am Just Starting.


About tradeadept

My trading journal in trading Forex
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