How to Harness Sexual Energy

There are several different types of energies, from the physical to the emotional. Identifying the different types of energies and the ways they function together is important when making them a productive part of every day activities. Harnessing sexual energy, realizing when it can be used towards other efforts, and learning how to ensure it is put to good use is a very valuable exercise. It can increase well-being, bring inner peace, improve relationships, and raise self-confidence.


    How to Harness Sexual Energy

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    Recognize sexual energy. The first step towards being able to harness sexual energy is recognizing it. Identifying what sexual energy is is not difficult if you know what you are looking for. Sexual energy is simply that “animal instinct” of our physical emotions- lust, attraction, and passion. Recognizing when these emotions and physical attractions arise within the body will begin the process of controlling and re-directing it.

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    Become one with the physical body. Learning to recognize the physicality of the human body is an important component of sexual energy. Practicing yoga or doing another strenuous solitary exercise, like walking, swimming, and jogging is a great way to get in touch with the body while it is at work. Learn to feel each part of the body as it moves, sense the blood pumping through the veins, and take deep breaths to nourish the body.

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    Become one with the emotional mind. Spending time each day in self-contemplation will help create strength with which to divert and harness sexual energy. Daily periods of meditation on worries and emotions will help release negative emotions and blockers that may be preventing energy from reaching its full potential. Meditation can include sitting in a dark room alone for a few minutes, a soothing bath by candlelight, or journaling before bedtime.

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    Practice love in human relationships. Part of harnessing sexual energy is embracing it. This includes the giving and receiving of romantic and platonic love with others. Regularly focusing sexual energy and attraction towards a committed partner will make them feel more appreciated and they will reciprocate, which may result in a better sexual relationship. Additionally, showing love and appreciation for friends and other family members will help strengthen bonds.

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    Funnel sexual energy into creative inspiration. Creating a connection between love, compassion,and sensuality will help harness sexual energy into serving as a new creative outlet, creating inspiration, motivation, and increasing efficiency. Instead of completely focusing on the physical sexual need that comes with this type of energy, refocus it into getting work done- writing with fervor, presenting at an important meeting, or catering a formal dinner.

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