What Is A Confident Man Anyway?


If you can´t honestly say that you can do all of the things below without feeling anxious, without hesitation, and without awkward silences… then you´ll need to start building more confidence. That´s okay by the way, because when I first started to learn how to meet & date women I had ZERO confidence.

The 15 qualities of the confident man:

 1) Feeling comfortable when you´re alone in a room or at some place with a woman you think is attractive

 2) Acting in the same way at a birthday, a party, etc. with your friends or family when an attractive woman you don´t know is there

 3) Not becoming jealous or losing control of any other emotion when a woman talks about another man or mentions her ex

 4) Not losing the control over your emotions when a woman says something you don´t like or criticizes you

5) Not getting carried away in other people´s emotions, especially those of women. Example: not end up feeling negative when she feels bad, because you´re in complete control of your emotions and other people´s emotions can bring you down.

6) Not hesitating when you see an attractive woman and want to approach her, because when you want to approach her you just go ahead and do it

7) Not “over-thinking” what you´re going to say to a woman you want to talk to because you´re not worried about what she´ll think of you


8) Not needing looks, money, clothes, power, fame, an important job, or any other crutches for confidence or to be able to “get the girl”

You don’t want those same results as before or you wouldn’t read this ebook right now, so make a commitment to improving yourself. No excuses. Do it.







9) Not fearing you will lose a woman as soon as you´ve been on a date with her or ended up being in a relationship with her

10) Not feeling unworthy of a woman´s time, love, or attention

11) Not losing control over your emotions or feeling insecure when someone, and women in particular, complain about how you haven´t done something or haven´t provided them with something (like a drink at the local club or bar)

12) Not worrying about whether or not you´ll be able to satisfy a woman´s needs, whether it´s mentally, emotionally, or sexually

13) Not feeling worried, insecure or the need to chase her around to “keep her” when a woman doesn´t reply as fast as she usually does or can´t see you when she usually does…

14) Not losing control of your emotions and getting angry when a woman doesn´t get back to you and not almost stalking her with emails/phone calls/text messages about why she didn´t reply, who she´s with, where she´s been, etc.

15) Not trying to get back your ex back “by any means necessary” by chasing her around which only makes her run away from you more and more because you´re such a desperate little wussy

Here´s the bad news: only a handful of men can truly say they possess all the qualities of the confident man, while most guys suffer from the FEAR OF REJECTION, the FEAR OF FAILURE, and INSECURITIES such as being overweight, becoming bald, wearing glasses, and so on. Here´s the good news: if you belong to the 99% of the men who still have some wussy in them, I can help you permanently change that… And it’s important that you start working on improving yourself or it’ll be like I said earlier on: keep doing what you did and get the same result you got.




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