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Dr. David Hawkins 101 Ways to Happiness

1. Source is within, not without. 2. Want what you have, instead of have  what you want… including  your own existence. All that it takes to be happy is  the fact that  you are. Be satisfied with the fact that … Continue reading

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How to Heal Relationship Problems: A Spiritual Explanation

When having relationship problems, you need to actually start opening up to yourself, because there is a very major part of ourselves that we’re not aware of.  What we have failed to see about ourselves is a major portion of … Continue reading

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The Dark Night of the Soul and Brain Science

Bhagavan, with his cute wit, says there is good news and bad news concerning the Dark Night of the Soul.  The bad news is that you will go through it.  The good news is that you won’t until you become enlightened.   The … Continue reading

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