Dr. David Hawkins 101 Ways to Happiness

1. Source is within, not without.

2. Want what you have, instead of have  what you want… including  your own existence. All that it takes to be happy is  the fact that  you are. Be satisfied with the fact that you are. Be happy with what  you have.

3. Happiness is an inner decision.

4. Give up  ‘poor me’.

5. Choose instead of crave, want, desire, or get. “Dear God  I seem to be the victim of this insatiable craving… please help me”… willingness to surrender to God.

6. Surrender all cravings to God. Love of God becomes all you want… pray… 1. Could you? 2. Would you?

7. Joie de vivre is independent of events. It is an attitude and a superior “style” of life. In human life, there is no winning or losing. Celebrate your own existence. Joy of life, helping others.

8. Is it the child, adult, or parent (in you) that wants? Happiness = bubbling over and active child, integrated adult, and totally loving and accepting parent. The child wants to moon people on the way here and the adult says, “let’s not do it today.” Own your
child all the time; child free to express itself. Story: when I was 12, my mom made me
wear rubbers to school when it rained. This embarrassed me. I hid the rubbers
in the shrubs on way to school and then put them on again on the way home.
Happiness is hiding your rubbers in a shrub! Another story: went to internist, came home and the parent came up in Susan, “You didn’t wear that undershirt with the
hole in it, did you?!

9. Differentiate actual from symbolic win or gain.

10. Differentiate narcissitic (“rich and famous”) from mature goals.

11. Be pleased with the direction and alignment instead of just completion. Be pleased with where you are, rather than “I’ll be happy when I reach the goal.”

12. Practical reality vs. fantasy and glamour of “success.”

13. Choose decision instead of just hope.

Write down your goals for this life. One goal : “be happy no matter what happens. Be pleased with the direction of life– be uplifting to others or enlightenment—not how far along you are on the path because it’s anybody’s guess. Where you are is the result of your own decision, so you can ‘t blame anyone. No matter which way you go, there are risks involved. Life is a sequence of roles.

14. Be flexible vs. rigid. The reed bends with the current.

15. Cancel: ‘and then I’ll be happy…’

16. Let go of clutching and grasping.

17. Clarify goals and ideals.

18. Realize all value is arbitrary.

19. Happiness is a nap on a train or plane.

God’s will for you is happiness. To be happy is pleasing to God.
(Test: True). Being happy is fulfilling your human potential.

20. Live one day at a time. If you don’t have a problem, get one so that you can join a 12 step group. They are happier than other people.

21. Happiness is a cat’s purr or a dog’s wagging tail.

22. Faith vs. skepticism (narcissism)—the skeptic has faith in his skepticism.

23. Gratitude for what one has and is.

24. Detached vs. craving—pick something you think you need for happiness and get
detached from it.

25. Glass half full or half empty…

26. Spiritual vs. material goals. Searching for truth in all of its expressions is one of
the most advanced states of consciousness. 98 % of the world is not interested in truth. The number of people interested in Enlightenment is less than 1 in 10 million. “My goal in this life time is enlightenment” is true for 1 in 10 million. Test: True. The first great karma is to hear of enlightenment. The second or next great karma is to pursue it. The third and greatest is to pursue it and achieve it. Test: “Everybody in this audience
has good karma.” TRUE. Enlightenment is a releasing of attachment and aversion, first in the senses… It’s half full because it’s half empty.
Spiritual goals cannot be lost. They endure for all time.

27. Surrender to God’s will. Spiritual wisdom evolves. For some people, shooting the enemy is God’s will. For others, God’s will is not shooting.

28. Capacity to let go. This capacity is Infinite. It’s not that you can’t let go, but that
you won’t.

29. Be pleased with progress.

30. Avoid self-judgment. This is the internalized parent. Freud’s super-ego. Inner judge. Have your inner kid alive and well, and sometimes you have to sit on your inner kid. My
sister and I would go on street car and mom told us to stay in our seats. I was ‘good’ and
she was ‘bad’ because she would be running up and down the aisle. For me happiness was being “good,” for her happiness was being “bad.”

31. “Good” vs. “Bad” are circumstantial.

32. “Win” is provisional.

33. Simplicity vs. complexity.

34. Realistic expectations of life, others, events. In politics, don’t judge the world by
your values, don’t expect a lot!

35. Value is in the eye of the beholder.

36. Give up your skepticism.

37. Sense of humor.

38. Accept karmic propensity.. not causality but likelihoods…

39. See essence rather than perception.

40. Jocular instead of morose.

41. Good will regarding all of life.

42. Easy-going vs. rigid.

43. Reduce expectations.

44. Generous instead of stingy.. Nurturance to all of life, in woods, trees… TEST: “The
trees in the woods know that I am glad and love them” TRUE. They are literally aware of your lovingness of them. It is not what you have, do, or say, but what you have become. What can I do to affect the world? Stay out of the way! If you step around the bug instead of stomping it, that does more for world peace than marching in a parade!

45. Modify inner voice.

46. Be gracious to self and others.

47. Surrender the need to control. Because of the good, you’ve earned the privilege of working through bad karma. TEST: “When you need good karma, it’s there for you.”
TRUE. Story: truck broke down on cloverleaf in middle of strange place, stranger came by to remove the tire, took it to be fixed, brought it back and put it back on…
“That was my good karma savings account.” TRUE. “There are angels in
bodies.” TRUE.

48. Let go of desire for applause.

Good will is noticed by all of life…

Generosity is an attitude, not money. Talk to your inner thoughts so that the inner thoughts express your spiritual commitments and alignment.

Be gracious to yourself. “Thank you, Oh Lord, for my existence.”

First thing my psychoanalyst said:

1. you need to have a thicker skin.

2. be forgiving to yourself. Too rigid superego. Look at your intention, not the act.

Not necessary to control things in life because the good karma will take care of it. Just hold it in mind and it tends to manifest.

49. Be glad instead of mad.

50. Acceptance instead of resistance.

51. Generous instead of stingy.

52. Candid with self and others. Be honest—“I like ‘em diced instead of sliced!”

53. Silence the mind.

54. Give up thinkingness… stop calling it ‘my’ mind… Everybody’s gotta speak their mind on TV, and they think that’s a step forward!
Anybody can babble! I don’t care what the man on the street thinks…
he learned it on TV yesterday… narcissistic egotism… why should the world give a rap about what you think? I don’t give a rap about I think! Knowingness comes about nonlinear. It is certainty. Comes about without thinking about it. Thinkingness is an energy field which can be transcended.

55. Forgiving vs. vindictive. Forgive—you don’t have to get even because karma is inevitable.

56. Work on inner traits instead of external ones.

57. It only takes a bone to make a dog happy… it’s the small things of life! All it takes is a sip of soda…. of espresso….

58. Sing, “Don’t worry, be happy!” in mind.

59. Choose spiritual values and goals. You feel inner gladness about the goodness of
life. What’s the purpose of the world? It’s here for YOU. This is not egocentric. Out of Divine intention, that which is here, is here for you. The essence of all that arises is Divinity expressing itself as a stage, as a wonderful wife, as these flowers, as the Kleenex, as the diet soda, espresso…

60. Choose spiritual friends and groups. “The spiritual energy of this group present is positively affecting all of mankind.” TRUE.
You serve all of mankind by becoming as spiritually evolved as you can be.

61. Go from complete to complete.

62. Identify with Self rather than self. Without the presence of God within you, you wouldn’t exist. Self is my reality; self is only my temporary expression in this domain. Snow bank experience.

63. Accept limitations of humanness, which has the karma of protoplasm.

64. Happiness is a decision and direction.

65. Reflective vs. impulsive.

66. Thoughtful rather than critical.

67. Be content instead of complaining (weather, taxes…).

68. Realize life is a learning curve.

69. Pray. Praying is beneficial. “It benefits yourself, loved ones, the world, all of humanity.” Each tested TRUE. Praying is not just grade school exercise but
expression of what you’ve become, which is gracious.

70. Contemplate.

71. Affirm God is my Source.

72. Sing an inner song. Learn to hum to yourself without making any noise!

73. When feeling down, say to yourself, “Yours is the saddest story
I’ve ever heard!”

74. Insist on being miserable and gloomy. “Oh well….” Eeyore.

75. Make faces at yourself in the mirror. This is a wonderful spiritual technique. Holy
Church of Giggledom… The way to God is through giggles.

76. Be grateful for the gift of life. Be all you can be to everyone all of the time.
Reflect back to life its Beauty.

77. Live one day at a time.

78. Be your own best friend.

79. Expansion vs. dimunuition of problems.

80. Clarify __________ with______role.

81. Play role of martyr?

82. Play role of hero?

83. Play role of victim?

84. Play role of morally superior?

85. Let go of being the injustice collector (martyr).

86. Let go of being provocative.

87. Stop pushing one’s luck.

88. Avoid catastrophe.

89. Don’t buy a home in the flood plain or on the edge of a mud cliff.

90. Do not win the lottery.

91. Don’t ski in an avalanche area.

92. Give up self-importance.

93. Obey the law – be polite to police.

94. Stop demonstrating.

95. Give up saving the world.

96. Mind your own business.

97. Give up being important.

98. Improve yourself instead of others.

99. Pay your income taxes.

100. Smile and the world smiles with you.

101. Dedicate all actions to God.

Q & A—

Q- How could you decline death if it is pre-set?

A- Death is predetermined for the majority of mankind most of the
time, but not for the Enlightened being. Test: TRUE.

Q- How can I transcend thinkingness?

A- Nobody cares about what you’re thinking, so why should you?
Knowingness is nonverbal, diffuse, and global.“Karmic undoing
does not have to be verbatim” (Test: True).

Just because you cut off someone’s head in previous lifetime doesn’t
mean you have to have your head cut off in this one.

Q- How do you recognize the voice of God?

A- If you question it, it’s not the voice of God because the voice of
God is self-reflecting as the voice of God. It comes by certainty.
All of a sudden it’s simple and obvious.

Everything is service to Life.

Lecture calibrated at 565.


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